We welcome you to our house... Casa Colibri Ecolodge; situated in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, en route to the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu.

We are situated in a place of pristine natural beauty; our gardens are the haven for a biotic community (Read more) where many varieties of flowers, shrubs and other plants combine harmoniously, attracting the birds of the valley.

Our house, built using the finest material that Mother Earth can provide (adobe bricks) (Read more), is completely eco- and visitor-friendly.

The processes we have introduced guarantee an entirely eco-friendly relationship with the natural world. We have implemented a “plastic free” policy, and the water we use is recycled for the gardens or treated with biodigesters (Read more).

We chose to name our house in honor of the qente (“hummingbird” in Peru’s Quechua language), because our gardens are home to several species of this remarkable little bird, with its beautiful plumage and darting flight. Hummingbirds are present in many Andean myths (Read more).

We also decided to start an “Organic Kitchen Garden”, on a small scale, where we could grow our own vegetables. To that end, we followed all the correct procedures for selecting soil and seeds, and created an area for composting, using California worms (Read more).

We asked ourselves: How did our ancient ancestors see this sacred space? And: What did they do in order to live in harmony with creation? Our reflections led us to seek answers in the philosophy and belief system of the Incas (Read more), and we began to understand that their concept of AYNI (a system of communal labor) was deeply influenced by their philosophy and religion.

Finally, we added an extra dimension to the experience of staying at the house by creating the opportunity to engage in bird watching activities (Read more) and to practice the discipline of yoga in a specially designed room (Read More).